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We produce both propriety and other content, and our aim is to construct quality pieces of audio-visual art that are fit for mainstream distribution, corporate presentations/marketing pieces, non-profit organizations, and personal and family projects alike.

Golden Rule Media

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The Company

Golden Rule Media, is a media production company established in 2014 that specializes in creating and producing film, video, and other forms of audio, audio-visual, and written content for both commercial and non-commercial purposes, and for both public and private audiences. The works we produce are designed specifically with an eye to quality and substance, always keeping in mind that the threshold underlying goals and assessments of any project we initiate are ultimately to make a positive, productive, meaningful, and lasting impact upon society in one way or another, no matter how widespread the reach of any piece may be.

Golden Rule Media


Dara Sanandaji graduated from Dartmouth College in 2000, where he earned a B.A. in Economics and studied abroad at the University Autónoma de Madrid. He then graduated from Chicago-Kent College of Law in 2006 and later worked in the financial services sector, where he earned his Certified Financial Planner (CFP ®️) designation in 2011. A few years later, Dara transitioned into writing and filmmaking, and since then he has written, directed, produced, and edited two feature-length documentary films and published two books. Dara also hosted his own independent radio show, "The Big Picture Radio Show," in Chicago in 2014.